If you’re not familiar with the Berkshires, it is a strange little place where Ned grew up, and Amelia had the pleasure of residing for a few years. If you are coming from out of the area, there are plenty of choices of accommodations for the weekend.

If you’d like to become more familiar with the area first, I’d recommend checking out our Location Map – it has all the details you need to begin planning.

  • Holiday Inn Berkshires (North Adams, MA) – This is probably your best bet if you need a room. We have a block reserved under “Tatro Ferriere Wedding” if you reserve before Aug 8th, and it’s right downtown in North Adams so there is plenty to do if you have spare time. This hotel is likely all booked up, but you can still try if you need to: Booking: 1.800.315.2621
  • Clarksburg State Park (Clarksburg, MA) – Feel like roughing it? This is most certainly the cheapest option ($12 for MA residents and $14 for non-residents). If you are on a budget or just love the outdoors and want to make an adventure of it, camping is the option for you! Closest accommodations to the reception. Get a spot now at (please be aware that MA parks have a STRICT no-alcohol policy)
  • The Porches Inn at MassMOCA (North Adams, MA) – Treat yourself to a wonderful B&B style atmosphere with all the amenities you’d expect from a larger hotel. Booking: 413.664.0400
  • The Orchards Inn (Williamstown, MA) – A bit down the road, but a very lovely place for a reasonable rate! Booking: 1.800.225.1517
  • Airbnb (Online Bed & Breakfast Search) – There are actually LOTS of great, cheap deals on Airbnb for our wedding weekend! Airbnb connects you with local Bed & Breakfast-style renters in the area of your choosing – I saw lots of places in the sub-$150 range the weekend of our wedding, which is competitive with some other rates we’ve posted.

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