Alright, already! We’ll get married!

God from "Monty Python and The Holy Grail" delivers his famous line "Get on with it!"It’s finally happening! Soon, after being together in various degrees for the last 8 years, Amelia and I will finally tie the knot on August 23rd, 2014.

Almost four years ago, we went through a very sudden and difficult life event that would certainly demand the utmost strength and perseverance from anyone: We went from being in a long distance relationship to cramming all our stuff into a 400 ft² studio apartment. Yikes! Even as I write these words, piles of things are tipping over into me, and I pray that I that these words may escape into cyberspace before the desk collapses and yanks the internet cord our of the wall on the way down.

We decided that if our relationship had enough resolve to survive being packaged by Ikea, we certainly could survive anything! (I see all you parents getting ready to comment “HAH! You ain’t seen nothing yet, kiddo!” and I would remind you that the comments are moderated. Hah.)

But seriously, we hope to be able to provide updates and stories from our journey, both in putting on the big event and the times which will follow.

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